Where Data-Science Meets Business

How We Work

Data science requires the orchestration of systems, processes, and specialized talent which are time consuming and costly to build and scale. Cruz Street’s DashProphet Business Intelligence Platform brings the non-technical business leader in as a collaborator in a cloud based data science SaaS solution. Through BI dashboards, machine learning, and data modeling integrations we are the data center of excellence for a business looking to innovate with their data.

Data Source

Our platform ingests data from various data silos and brings it into one user friendly data repository where your team and even our analysts can work with it on your behalf.

Data Transformation

With built in enterprise level data quality tools to marry your data sets, cleanse your data, and organize for better analysis, DashProphet will transform your organization’s use of data.

Data Lake

Using a best-in-class data lake architecture we have constructed a data environment built for unlimited scale, speed, and precision for BI & predictive analytics.



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Just the basics – this solution provides most small to medium enterprises what they need to get their analyst, marketing, or operations team started.


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Enterprise – This solution provides most enterprises what they need to get their data running at scale in a cloud hosted comprehensive data environment.


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Have special needs for your enterprise solution? – This solution enables custom data consumption including real time data and machine learning capabilities.

Common Questions

Our goal is to simplify data services. And that includes our pricing model. We have blended data storage, data visualization and work to get you setup into a single monthly price that is roughly based on the amount of data you are working with. Ongoing support to build more complex dashboards, perform data tasks like normalization, transformation, hygiene and enrichment are billed on a per-hour basis.
Great question. The short answer is that because our solution leverages Amazon’s QuickSight analytics platform, we can liberate you and your data from “per user per month” license fees. We provide you the ability to share dashboard reader and admin access for one simple price per month for as many people as you want in your organization. Additional differentiators include the built-in, blazing fast Amazon Redshift data warehouse and wrap-around support team of data scientists at your fingertips.

First of all, our platform is fully encapsulated within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem with all off the best-of-breed security built into Amazon’s cloud services. Your data never leaves AWS. What’s more, you can delete or migrate it at any time — all within AWS — to your own AWS instance or any other host. You data is never held hostage to a proprietary platform. It’s your data and you always control it. And to ensure peace of mind, all analysis work is done within AWS. Whether it’s done by your analysts or ours, your data remains ring-fenced and secure.