We simplify data science by making it accessible to all.

Meet Our Team

Our calling is to simplify data science for your organization to make you more revenue while reducing marketing and operating costs. Lets us be your organization’s data center of excellence.
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Jesse Cruz


Jesse is the CEO & founder of Cruz Street, a company dedicated to accelerating the business world’s implementation of data science as a method to understand customers, solve problems, and drive growth. Most recently Jesse served as SVP Advertising Solutions for Nurse.com where he led data transformation through new database technology and innovative digital advertising products. In his career Jesse has spearheaded launches of data services for the enterprise,and cutting-edge real-time data and predictive analytics solutions.
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Ciro Cioppa

VP, Platform & Integrations

A co-founder of Cruz Street and AWS Solutions Architect, Ciro’s experience in IT and enterprise data projects spans decades with some of world’s largest and most respected brands including Ralph Lauren, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Bed Bath & Beyond. As a passionate IT leader, technologist, and entrepreneur, Ciro leads the effort for Cruz Street architecting Cruz Street’s soon to release MyCDO data platform. Ciro also specializes in BI implementation for the enterprise.
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Eliot Cruz

Director, Operations

A co-founder with more than a decade of experience under his belt in creative media design, digital marketing, 3D media content, and video production, Eliot leads the marketing efforts for Cruz Street. Most recently Eliot was a team leader doing graphic design and project management for learning technology companies servicing the department of defense.
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Peter Milburn

VP, Marketing

Peter has 10+ years of successfully managing digital design and marketing teams. He is well-versed in marketing automation, data governance, digital privacy, GDPR and marketing stack integrations. Peter has a combination of large corporate, startup and non-profit experience across publishing, learning, technology, finance and healthcare as well as fluency in selling into global markets including China, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and more.

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Yacine Abdous

VP, Data Governance

A co-founder and enterprise data architect, Yacine has spent two decades as an accomplished IT director for some of the worlds most recognized companies in advertising and marketing data services. Most recently, Yacine led a development team at Experian which built and managed a massive real time consumer database.Throughout his career, Yacine has worked with a multitude of high-profile names; including Nissan, ServiceMaster, Tesla, Education Dynamics, Yahoo,AOL, Microsoft, the IRS and the FBI.
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Director, Customer Success

A co-founder with creative and web design experience, David wears many hats for Cruz Street including operations, client success, and front end platform development for the MyCDO platform. For more than 25 years, David has thrived as a creative professional and entrepreneur including starting and running his own venture, Headlines in Time, for 8 years. Most recently David has been an avid, highly experience Drupal developer doing projects for large and small businesses.