Optimize & Monetize Your Data With MyCDO

Cruz Street’s mission is to empower organizations to use data science as a way to better understand and acquire customers, solve strategic problems, and drive growth opportunities.

Cruz Street’s MyCDO™ platform enables customers to improve how a business is operating by focusing on three core pillars.


Data Science On-Demand

Preconfigured for cutting edge business intelligence dashboards, data enrichment services, and connectors for our data scientist or yours – the MyCDO platform is your all in one solution.

Data Lake Solutions

With a prebuilt best-in-class cloud infrastructure, our data platform makes adopting a data lake solution for your organization easier than ever.

Predictive Analytics

Based on CRISP-DM methodology, our platform brings you step-by-step through the predictive analytics process including data preparation, model building, and model implementation.

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