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A Brief Overview of AWS QuickSight

QuickSight empowers IT to provision product, marketing, finance, and other leaders with actionable data for real-time business insights. This AWS Service can be especially useful for joining data from multiple systems of record, prototyping reports before committing to expensive, long projects, or unifying data from disparate business units. Typical outcomes allow organizations to improve how they:

  • Monitor user engagement
  • Report on media consumption
  • Aggregate product or financial metrics from disparate sources
  • Normalize data to correct for source inconsistency

QuickSight benefits both Authors or Readers within your organization. Cruz Street can help you establish appropriate access management by integrating QuickSight roles with your existing active company directories or other administrative systems. Ask us about the virtually free Reader and low-per-user Author pricing — your organization can realize significant cost savings versus other solutions. Top role-specific attributes include:

Author Features:

  • Quickly analyze data to uncover actionable insights
  • Leverage engaging data visualization features to help translate data more meaningfully
  • Integrate seamlessly within your existing AWS data ecosystem

Reader Features:

  • Interact with dashboards by filtering, sorting, and drill-downs
  • Access relevant visuals without altering underlying data
  • Collaborate across interactive and customizable dashboards
  • Export to PDF/Excel or share (configurable to be on/off)

Authors are usually analysts who are familiar with the data and empowered to design reports. Cruz Street can provide analysts to author starter dashboards for you, or even act as your internal data analytics team if needed.

Because Cruz Street has a fully-functional pre-built prototyping engine, we can onboard sample data and provision your team with shareable dashboards within minutes or days. You get the ability to see end-state PoC dashboards to help you gain buy-in for QuickSight build-outs in your ecosystem or wait for your internal resources to free up.

Enhance Business Intelligence Through Data-Driven Insights

If your organization needs to move quickly to leverage internal or external data, QuickSight and Cruz Street can accelerate your journey to business-driving insight. By leveraging our expertise from many implementations, you can avoid trap doors, start with proven architectural components and approaches and get the job done right the first time.

Speed to Insight

Descriptive Analytics

ML & Predictive Analytics

Seamless Scaling

Cost Optimization

Data Governance

You get all of the above with an affordable, pay-as-you-go AWS cloud pricing model and an expert team of architects, engineers and analysts. We understand both how to store and transform data as well as the importance of an enterprise data model aligned with the organizational mission and business strategy.

Engineering work is not done in isolation — it is directly tied to your ultimate goals so you can quickly unlock unrealized value. Read about how these benefits have helped Cruz Street customers:

Data Unification for Publisher

Non-Profit Insights​

E-commerce Reporting​

Keyword Warehouse​

These organizations understood the competitive advantage of making business intelligence accessible through interactive dashboards, scheduled reports and ML-driven predictive modeling. Whether your end-users need dashboards as embedded analytics within internal portals or customer-facing applications, Cruz Street will scope and design a solution to fit your customized needs.

Get Better Results with an Amazon Quicksight Consultant

Many businesses are implementing Amazon QuickSight to reduce costs, improve rendering speeds and take advantage of a cloud-native BI solution backed by the support and risk-reducing stability of one of the top-three global cloud services providers. Cruz Street has helped many organizations improve their data-informed decision making utilizing QuickSight.

QuickSight is an economical, robust and scalable tool. However, like most AWS solutions, it is typically licensed and configured by IT teams. As part of the ecosystem of AWS partners, Cruz Street can ensure your organization’s IT and business unit teams are fully aligned by advising both sides. We provide IT with detailed architecture and configuration documentation while ensuring business stakeholders get actionable dashboards and insights within the timeframe they expect.

The role of a QuickSight consulting partner is to leverage deep product knowledge and past projects to smooth out implementation. Without this support, projects can suffer from the following handicaps:

  • Data inputs that do not meet end-user needs
  • Misunderstandings about data meanings
  • Re-work late in the project due to unclear requirements
  • Under or over-baked solutions and unclear costs
  • Unexpected lifecycle & maintenance issues
  • Lack of clear project management leading to delays
  • Dashboards that don’t generate the required insights
  • Lack of analysts trained to handle ad hoc reporting requests


It can be hard to implement QuickSight without third-party support. And even IT teams will benefit from an expert QuickSight Delivery Partner to ensure a smooth process.  

CruzStreet: Your Team’s QuickSight Specialist

CruzStreet’s QuickSight services include end-to-end data engineering as well as analytical output based on your unique organization and datatypes. We not only help you set up QuickSight — we also ensure you get the data science and analytical outcomes you need. Unlike purely technical consultants, our analysts have years of experience building dashboards and communicating insights.

Data Architecture

Whether you are migrating to QuickSight or starting from scratch, most of our work begins with data architecture. Just like a building, architectural planning ensures that the end result matches your up front vision. We will listen to your needs and work with you to design the right solution. Please ask us about any specialized requirements you may have and we’ll be happy to discuss them with you.

QuickSight Consulting

This is a great option If you have an existing QuickSight instance and just need help refining your dashboards. We can assist with field transformations, filters, parameters, calculations and other SPICE dataset refinements so your teams can get back to higher-level tasks. The work here can be about data storytelling, simplifying presentations to better meet stakeholders expectations or doing the opposite and working to unpack topline reports into more granular analyses. You can purchase buckets of our analyst hours in 10-hour increments.

QuickSight Prototyping

Cruz Street has a full-SaaS QuickSight Prototyping tool called DashProphet. This allows you to load or connect to data and see fully QuickSight Dashboards live within minutes. You can even share them with colleagues with unlimited viewers. Schedule a demo to see it in action.

Data Science on Demand

Sometimes you just need a quick, small set of data cleaned, joined or analyzed. Based on your needs, you’ll be paired with one of our analysts or data scientists. We are fluent in many tools from Python to DAX and descriptive deep-dives to predictive models. You can purchase buckets of our analyst hours in 10-hour increments.

Our work is structured to allow you to understand an end-state but contract incrementally. We will work with you up front to structure deliverables, milestones and timelines as much as possible. We can engage in a small discovery project, if needed, to allow us to better guide you on final outcomes and dependencies.

AWS ensures its partners have the certifications and training required to ensure project success. Whether you use Cruz Street or another consulting firm, we recommend you select one that is within the Amazon Partner Network.


QuickSight is the Amazon Web Services (AWS) dashboarding tool that is part of the AWS suite of cloud solutions to store, transform and visualize data.

QuickSight can summarize many kinds of data including ecommerce, product, engagement, customer feedback, financial, health and many more. By grouping, filtering and sorting data, users can view trends over time. Anomalies from the average can help stakeholders understand and address positive and negative shifts in key performance indicators. 

  • QuickSight can help businesses of all sizes see their data in real time or in daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly aggregations to discover actionable insights.

Businesses are turning to QuickSight to avoid expensive per-user costs of Tableau, Looker & PowerBI as well as the speed provided by the in-memory SPICE datasets that power dashboards. In short, it beats the competition because it is economical and fast.

Top benefits of QuickSight include speed, usage-based-pricing and the fact that it is backed and supported by the industry-leading AWS development team.

QuickSight is a great solution for the last part of the data pipeline. It can be used by technical teams to help prepare data and non-technical stakeholders to view the final output of data projects.

Consultants like Cruz Street help ensure that QuickSight is configured to meet the objectives of business leaders viewing data. Typically a QuickSight project will include initial discovery with a client to validate project assumptions, provide initial budget and time estimates, discuss an architectural approach, ensure data is ready for dashboarding, configure a connection and, if needed, data scientists and analysts to build dashboards.