Case Study: Leading Non-Profit

New York State:
Non-Profit Leader
Serving Over 400+
Other Non-Profits


Business Challenge

Volunteer New York, a leading non-profit supporting volunteerism, had goals to increase both volunteerism and donations. They had little visibility and comprehensive understanding on how these two populations chose to take action. They wanted to focus on growth and retention but needed a data driven customer profile to help build their strategy. The organization had many disparate data sources where customer data resided with no single customer view, broken lead flow, and lack of insight. The company’s digital marketing team needed a partner who could help with business intelligence and strategy.

Services Provided

  • Data lake Creation
  • BI Visualization
  • AWS QuickSight Integration
  • Data Quality Processing
  • 3rd Party Data
  • Enrichment
  • Multi data source integration
  • Strategic Business
  • Insights
  • Python & R Integration for Predictive Model Building
  • Product Modeling
  • Customer Modeling
  • On Demand Analyst Services
    On Demand Data Technician
    On Demand Solution Architect

“Volunteer New York! has gained valuable knowledge about our volunteers and donors thanks to Cruz Street.”

Managing Director


Volunteer New York hired Cruz Street to build a growth strategy based on business intelligence. Cruz Street also served as advisor and solution architect for a predictive model and data lake solution that would provide Volunteer New York an opportunity to improve insight, lead flow and prioritization, and improve overall marketing efforts.


The company now has data, product models, and recommended database technology, and a mapping of business priorities tied to the data that will enable growth and better, more targeted lead generation.