Case Study: E-learning Provider

Keyword Warehouse & SEO Reporting

Online Test-Prep Provider

Business Challenge

An online provider of test preparation courses needed to improve its organic search performance. While some SEO reporting was in place, it was not easy for the content teams to discern meaningful courses of action. The signal-to-noise ratio was weak. Branded terms and other high-volume but low-impact traffic was mixed in with the key trends that were really impacting the business.  

Services Provided

  • Keyword Warehouse
  • Keyword Analysis
  • BI Visualization
  • Strategic Business Insights
  • Monthly KPI Reporting
  • Competitive Analysis
  • On-Demand Analyst Services

“The Cruz Street team delivered as promised”

Director of Strategy


The first order of business was to understand, in a very granular way, the keywords being gained and lost month-over-month. To help build an accurate picture of organic performance, Cruz Street used DashProphet to build a Keyword Warehouse. Once all the data was in place, cleaning and analysis was conducted to build a much more accurate picture of overall organic performance. Keywords were grouped by product line, branded terms filtered out and competitor performance tracked, so that a more accurate assessment true SEO-drivers could be made and content-planning directed much more strategically.


Organic growth has returned. After honing a list of buyer keywords and prioritizing a few terms for immediate focus, new content pages were created and optimized for those terms. Internal-linking was improved and a supporting external backlink strategy developed. In all four of the main product categories organic traffic that had been declining for two years began to improve.