Yacine Abdous

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VP Technology

Yacine is an enterprise architect and head of technology for CS. For more than two decades, Yacine has maintained his accomplished career as a leader in IT for some of the world’s most recognized companies in big data and people based marketing. Cutting his teeth on some of the biggest challenges in large scale data bases, unstructured data usage, and real time data Yacine helped innovate while leading his development team at Experian Advertising Solutions.

An enterprise architect Yacine possesses a wealth of experience in designing, building and maintaining software products, databases, and even the data quality measures that govern those. Mr. Abdous is passionate about conceptualizing and creating powerful solutions for scale, performance and flexibility – in a data-driven fashion. Most recently, Yacine was responsible for the evaluation and implementation of a solution for a massive consumer data set. This process required the development of an entirely new infrastructure to move the Data set from an legacy Oracle database with deep security and client performance expectations to a vastly improved and more secure MongoDB deployment.

In this endeavor several technologies were reviewed during the evaluation including Hadoop HBase, Cassandra, MySQL and CouchDB among others Throughout his career, Yacine has worked with a multitude of high-profile names; including Nissan, ServiceMaster, Tesla, Education Dynamics, Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft, the IRS and the FBI to name a few. With a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and a rock-solid reputation under his belt, Yacine continues to develop innovative solutions on time and on budget designed with the most contemporary technologies and market demands in mind.

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