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Businesses today have often grown siloed and fragmented data systems where various types of customer contact data, behavioral data, and purchasing data are independent from one another for the purposes of analysis, segmentation, and customer opportunity development. This is a natural byproduct of the world's huge leap forward in data creation, hardware and software to house and manipulate that data, increases in data transfer speeds, and an ever evolving and innovating technology market place. It’s a challenge for any organization to make cost effective, forward thinking decisions to invest in the right data assets and strategy.

Cruz Street, works together with its partners to assess your organization from a business and IT perspective to align IT resources with your specific organizational challenges. For your benefit we have embarked on a venture to bring enterprise architects, cloud computing consultants, and even media strategy to help you execute on your organizational growth plans. With a deep bench of talented IT professionals, we can assess, plan, and execute on your strategy with directors from the IT industry who have led demanding, large scale projects in database architecture, ecommerce design, cutting edge API integrations, cloud computing, and IT data security.

Our enterprise information management services include:
•    EIM Assessment & Strategy Roadmap
•    Database Architecture
•    Data Systems Mapping
•    Data Science
•    Master Data Management
•    Customer Data Quality Infrastructure
•    OnPrem & Cloud Technology Assessment
•    Business Intelligence & Data Visualization
•    Enterprise Data Management

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