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Data Warehouse Basics

Data Warehousing

In this era of big data, data warehouses have become an important source of business insights.

What is Data Warehousing, exactly?

Data warehousing involves the storage of a large amount of information. Similar to a physical warehouse, which stores physical goods or raw materials, a data warehouse is a repository for data. The purpose of data warehousing is to store of large and complex datasets to easily facilitate the use of data analytic technologies to make sense of business data.

Data Warehousing Primer for Marketers

Data Warehousing

Understanding Data Warehousing and Its Importance for a Business


Modern businesses rely on data and data strategies for marketing, establishing brand identities, and gaining/maintaining a competitive edge. A crucial concept in data management is data warehousing. Let’s take a look at what this means and what role it can play for a business.