Marketing Science: Predictive Modeling for Today's Marketer

Predictive Modeling



Imagine if you had a crystal ball which could tell you the likelihood for your customers to buy your products before they ever see an offer? Perhaps it would tell you what message would resonate with a customer before they ever see it? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could predict your customer’s buying behavior and preferences? Perhaps you would make sure you tailor your messaging to speak to as many people with similar interests and preferences as makes sense.

Data Transformation: Major challenges for business

Data Transformation

The process of migration is closely tied with a set of specific adaptions to cope with the new ecosystem. Transformation is a part of any organic migration process and bears many challenges. Today’s data-driven business ecosystems are also not able to overlook the data migration challenges.

In a Data Pipeline, data ETL (Extracting, Transforming and Loading) is one of the essential components.