Build Your Own BI Application

Get your embed done right with a partner that can help you avoid pitfalls and expensive fixes down the road. From Data Architecture to Data Model and ETL to final Dash design, we’ve got you covered.

Give Your Users the Dashboards They Want

Whether you are building an application for internal stakeholders or external users, providing your users with Dashboards can be a high-stakes feature critical to product success. When you need a trusted partner to help you deliver Dashboards quickly a partner such as Cruz Street can make sense. Partners help with these key deliverables:

  • One
  • Two
  • Three

Use Row-Level Security to Secure Access by User Type

Lock down Dashboard access by defined user attributes. Ensure that different user types or groups such as internal vs. external or by region or function only see the data they are enttitled to. With Row-Level-Scruity (RLS) your Dashboard can remain the same without having to duplicate Dashbaords just to manage access. Let the RLS scheme manage access rights at the data-level so that each row of data is only viewable by an attribute of the row such as a User Type field value or geographic fields value.

Managed IAM Roles and Identity Across DNS & Browsers

As users hop between domains (either a subdoamin or separate TDLs) you need to ensure that permissions are passed correctly. We can help you architect this scenario as well as guide you on the back-end framework to support your specific use cases.

Accelerate Delivery of Product Milestones

Embedding Dashboards into your application is either core to the product or a key add-on feature.

Speed to Insight

Descriptive Analytics

ML & Predictive Analytics

Seamless Scaling

Cost Optimization

Data Governance

Data Unification for Publisher

Non-Profit Insights​

E-commerce Reporting​

Keyword Warehouse​

These organizations understood the competitive advantage of making business intelligence accessible through interactive dashboards, scheduled reports and ML-driven predictive modeling. Whether your end-users need dashboards as embedded analytics within internal portals or customer-facing applications, Cruz Street will scope and design a solution to fit your customized needs.


QuickSight is the Amazon Web Services (AWS) dashboarding tool that is part of the AWS suite of cloud solutions to store, transform and visualize data.

QuickSight can summarize many kinds of data including ecommerce, product, engagement, customer feedback, financial, health and many more. By grouping, filtering and sorting data, users can view trends over time. Anomalies from the average can help stakeholders understand and address positive and negative shifts in key performance indicators. 

  • QuickSight can help businesses of all sizes see their data in real time or in daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly aggregations to discover actionable insights.

Businesses are turning to QuickSight to avoid expensive per-user costs of Tableau, Looker & PowerBI as well as the speed provided by the in-memory SPICE datasets that power dashboards. In short, it beats the competition because it is economical and fast.

Top benefits of QuickSight include speed, usage-based-pricing and the fact that it is backed and supported by the industry-leading AWS development team.

QuickSight is a great solution for the last part of the data pipeline. It can be used by technical teams to help prepare data and non-technical stakeholders to view the final output of data projects.

Consultants like Cruz Street help ensure that QuickSight is configured to meet the objectives of business leaders viewing data. Typically a QuickSight project will include initial discovery with a client to validate project assumptions, provide initial budget and time estimates, discuss an architectural approach, ensure data is ready for dashboarding, configure a connection and, if needed, data scientists and analysts to build dashboards.