AWS QuickSight & Cruz Street

Cruz Street is excited to partner with AWS to deliver mission critical business intelligence to AWS customers. At Cruz Street, we are dedicated to bringing data science to the masses. Let us help you better understand your business and customers by helping you integrate and use AWS QuickSight to its maximum capability driving speed and intelligence like your business has never experienced before.

As an AWS partner we can quickly integrate or onboard your data into our MyCDO platform and leveraging our analyst services can stand up a dashboard to help you answer those critically important questions in a clean, visually stunning format only Amazon Web Services can provide.

Below are a list of service we can help you with as you weigh out your options:

  • Data Lake Creation
  • Strategic Business Insights
  • BI Visualization
  • Python & R Integration for Predictive Model Building
  • AWS QuickSight Integration
  • Product Modeling
  • Data Quality Processing
  • On Demand Analyst Services
  • 3rd Party Data Enrichment
  • On Demand Data Technician
  • Customer Modeling



How we brought it all together for one customer

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