Jesse Cruz

Jesse Cruz Profile
Founder & CEO

It was his passion for making a difference that saw Jesse Cruz transitioning from publishing to data-driven marketing – a path many would view as unconventional. As the founder and president of Cruz Street, Jesse's focus is to build an organization whose focus is to deliver data driven solutions of the highest caliber. Jesse understands the challenges many businesses face as they to rebuild a broken data strategy or simply take their strategy to the next level. He uses his passion as a change agent to help his clients address these issues – from using data to drive better business outcomes, to reimagining print channels in an ever changing digital world. Consumers of digital media are rapidly demanding a much higher expectation from companies who wish to market to them. Jesse enjoys a challenge and looks forward to helping his clients by leveraging his experience and network for the best possible outcomes.

In all he does, Jesse is devoted to being there for his clients through thick and thin – bringing more than a decade of leadership experience to the table. He has thrived in a range of operations; including business development, marketing world class products to leading an advertising solutions business as general manager. In each of his positions, he developed a knack for unearthing opportunities for revenue generation, new growth, and innovation.

If a business needs transformation, Jesse knows how to guide them through the challenging transition minefield. He has uniquely indispensable experience in launching new data and media strategies. “When one door closes, another opens. Opportunity abounds for those with a keen eye to identify those opportunities and pursue them with passion.” Jesse wishes to be the partner his clients are looking for, a trusted professional who is dedicated to their success on every level.

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