Case Study: Global Publisher

$1+ billion Annual
Revenue Global

Global Publisher

Business Challenge

A global publisher and content leader had too many disparate data sources where customer data resided with no single customer view, broken lead flow, and lack of insight. The company’s digital marketing team needed a partner who could evaluate business challenges due to data management and data technology issues. The current data challenges were restricting growth and targeting capabilities.

Services Provided

  • Data lake Creation
  • BI Visualization
  • AWS QuickSight
  • Integration
  • Data Quality Processing
  • 3rd Party Data
  • Enrichment
  • Multi data source Integration
  • Strategic Business Insights
  • Python & R Integration for
    Predictive Model Building
  • Product Modeling
  • Customer Modeling
  • On Demand Analyst Services
  • On Demand Data Technician
  • On Demand Solution Architect

“Cruz Street is in my top list of companies I'd want heading into any business challenge.”

Director Digital
Product Marketing


The publisher hired Cruz Street to map out current data systems, points of breakage and business opportunities for growth through existing customerdata and possible third-party data quality and enrichment. Cruz Street also served as advisor and solution architect for a data model and database solution that would provide Wiley an opportunity to improve insight, lead flow and prioritization, improve database quality, and improve overall marketing efforts.


The company now has data, product models, and recommended database technology, and a mapping of business priorities tied to the data that will enable growth and better, more targeted lead generation.