Technology Health Audit

G-Technology Health™ is a global, patent-pending standard to measure and grow the health of your technology organization. The G-Technology Health Score™ is a KPI that has become a standard language for business and technology teams to work together. Cruz Street is proud to partner with Emad Gregory, the former CTO of Experian, to delivery this innovative Service.


Improve Delivery Rates

Drive Team Alignment

Build Technology Leaders

Root Causes Mapped to Solutions

Working with Gregory, Cruz Street will engage your team in a 30-Day audit process, qualitative and quantitative analysis and deliver benchmarks measuring your technology platforms and team against the G-Technology Health™ Playbook. This unique audit process not only results in scoring your technology, but pragmatic identification of root causes and mapped to solutions you can implement right away.

Engagements are flexible and designed to meet you where you are. There is nothing more transformative then alignment between technology teams and business stakeholders and within the IT function itself. If you are looking for an outside perspective to unlock higher performance, address known issues or just coach a few key players, learn more about G-Technology Health Score and Audit today.

Many teams have benefited with concrete outcomes including:

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Our 30 day audit process is not only 75% faster than audits in the industry, but built on a measurable framework resulting in solutions you can implement. Schedule your call with Emad to find out if this service is right for you team and situation.

“In the brief period Emad worked with us, he has literally transformed the organization.”

“Emad is a rare find: a practical, no-nonsense leader with deep technical expertise who inspires everyone he works with to be their very best.”