CS Core Service || Strategy

CS begins the process of creating data driven strategy by assessing the data ecosystem in place. What is your B2B or B2C database strategy currently?

Do you have data quality measures to ensure proper identity resolution of your customers or audiences? How accessible is data within your ecosystem for running addressable campaigns quickly or doing a data extraction? How does the marketing or advertising team currently do audience or campaign segmentation and in what systems?

The focus of the data driven business strategy assessment is to define the current low hanging fruit opportunities to become more data driven and in turn drive better conversions and ROI from marketing campaigns or ad buys.

In this process the business strategy correlates with the data transformation roadmap and intelligent creative design needs. The outcome is a transformative strategy that enables an organization to change business processes, execute on a technical data transformation where gaps are assessed, and finally develop a creative strategy that utilizes the newly defined data driven audiences for better ROI.

Below are the areas we assess during a strategy engagement:
•    B2B/B2C strategy
•    Marketing automation tools    
•    Buyer persona strategy
•    Campaign creative
•    Customer/audience data stores
•    API integrations
•    Data silos
•    Data quality
•    Data capture sources & tools

Along with this strategic discovery work we will provide all or some of these deliverables:
•    Strategic report of findings & recommendations for executive leadership
•    PowerPoint (succinct visual overview) of findings & recommendations
•    Strategy execution roadmap with timelines & scope of work
•    On-site strategy findings & recommendations presentation for leadership

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