Case Study: Association Analytics

Monthly KPI Reporting to Drive Product & Marketing Insights

SDO (Standard Setting Organization)

Business Challenge

An SDO (Standard-Setting Organization) with a critical mission to ensure its set of safety codes and standards met user needs, wanted to better understand it’s audience behavior, e-commerce flows, online discoverability and track its net promotor score. It was important to develop insights quickly and cost-effectively without requiring heavy IT resources or long lead times.

Services Provided

  • E-commerce Analysis
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Optimize
  • Hotjar NPS Analysis
  • Subscription Renewal and Churn Analysis
  • BI Visualization
  • Strategic Business Insights
  • Monthly KPI Reporting
  • Customer Modeling
  • On Demand Analyst Services

“We have gained valuable insights month after month.”

Chief Knowledge Officer


Cruz Street worked with the Chief Knowledge Officer and Product Management team to set up monthly KPI reporting. After establishing access to Google Analytics, Google Search Console and raw e-commerce datasets, Cruz Street ingested that data to DashProphet, it’s proprietary end-to-end BI solution for analysis. An initial set of insights and recommendations were delivered and then ongoing monthly reporting was produced to monitor trends and provide guidance to the Product, Marketing and Sales teams. 


The initial report provided key guidance confirming that all existing subscription tiers were producing valuable revenue streams and should be retained. Additional insights helped optimize advertising by highlighting regions of the world that were clicking ads but not buying. This alone was worth five-figures in saved ad spend. Additional reporting help lead to an SEO strategy that led to 80% gains in organic traffic year-over-year. Product revenue double in the year after the engagement.