Press Release: CSD Provides On-Demand CDO For Big Data Value Creation

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New York, NY – April 3, 2018 (Newswire) – Cruz Street Digital has jumped in with the most unique and practical approach for businesses to handle and leverage their big data by offering on-demand CDOs (chief data officers). This is a pioneering service that’s going to benefit businesses of all sizes.

Big data is the biggest challenge for companies around the world. The rate at which businesses are now capturing useful data is alarmingly high. More data capturing devices combined with penetration of technology in every walk of life is resulting in an inundation of data.

However, it’s not the big data that’s the problem—the problem is how to handle it, make sense of it, integrate it across the organization, and create value for an enterprise. According to the recent estimates, there will be more or less 44 trillion GB of big data that the world will have to handle by 2020. What’s more alarming is the fact that one industry leader out of every five firmly believes that businesses that don’t come up with a strategy to handle and manage big data immediately will become obsolete in the coming times.


A response to such a tsunami of data was direly needed and Cruz Street came up with the most apt and practical solution to the problem. Small businesses to large enterprises, all organizations can now outsource the CDO responsibilities to a firm that knows big data inside out and is equipped with the technology to make the most of it. As a part of their consulting and fulfillment process Cruz Street not only maps out the technologies and processes of an organization, they offer a service to recruit and place a full time CDO for an organization upon completion. The Cruz Street Digital blog explains the need of an on-demand chief data officer in great detail.

Once a Cruz Street chief data officer is hired for work, depending upon your need, he/she will take care of revenue creation, cost savings and risk management and mitigation. It is imperative for organizations at this point to not treat big data as a golden egg but as a weapon that will help them shred through competition and have the upper hand. Jesse Cruz talked at length about the need for an on-demand chief data officer, the scope of outsourcing such a position and the company’s vision during his interview with ForbesBooks Radio.

While the integrity and safety of data remain one of the responsibilities for a chief data officer, the primary responsibility now is to exploit big data in such a way that it helps explosive revenue growth or significant cost savings for an organization. Combining the power of business intelligence software tools and big data analytical applications, CDOs can help businesses cut costs, create marketing plans and execute them for unprecedented growth.

Cruz Street Digital’s solution will allow organizations, small and large, to take advantage of professional CDO services without bearing the costs of hiring and compensating a full-time CDO. In short, the cost savings will start for businesses as soon as they subscribe for the on-demand CDO solution.

About Cruz Street Digital

Cruz Street Digital is a family and minority owned firm. The New York based company provides complete data and marketing services to small and large businesses helping them with solutions such as data quality services, data transformation, data integration, people based marketing strategies, intelligent creative design, guided motion graphics, video production, integrated social media strategy and much more. The company’s unique on-demand CDO solution is one of its kind and an effort to help small, medium and large businesses protect, govern and leverage data as an asset.

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