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Digital Transformation is application of digital capabilities to processes, products, and assets to improve efficiency, enhance customer value, manage risk, and uncover new monetization opportunities.”

The Cruz Street team is excited to announce a rebranding change. Cruz Street Media was originally conceived as a company focused on delivering a broad range of solutions in people based marketing (AKA database marketing), data transformation, and creative media. As we’ve evolved from our initial launch of Cruz Street we realized our focus needed to leverage our strength and capabilities as technology and marketing leaders. We are embracing a client focus on digital transformation, data services for marketers, and data science on demand.

What does this change mean? It means we are actively working on products and solutions for marketing and information leaders at organizations looking to innovate, break down data silos, and put their data to work. 

Immediately and in the coming months we are launching services offerings and products that help today’s marketing leaders and data stakeholders do more with the data they have. Below are a couple quick examples of service offerings we are proud to launch this fall:

Service Offerings To Launch

Data Science on Demand

This fall we are launching a new analytics platform designed to consume large amounts of client data, organize and clean that data, and drive insights from that data. Along with the platform we will be leveraging an exciting data science service with senior analyst support for descriptive analytics (what happened) and predictive analytics/model building (what will happen). We will be offering this service starting immediately to existing clients and new clients at a cost effective rate compared to common industry practices.


Data Enrichment Services

This fall we are also launching a data enrichment service that will help our customers correct and complete their data through data quality services including fixing and appending consumer contact data (email, phone, social, and address data). Along with data quality services we will be offering targeting data services such as demographics, GDPR & compliance services, and consumer segmentation data. With these capabilities, coupled with our data science on-demand capabilities our customers will be able to do more than ever at a fraction of the price and time it takes for the larger marketing data companies to provide these services.


Data Services Examples Include:

Data ServiceRecord Count

Demographic Database250 Million +

New Mover Database~1 Million Monthly

Social Media Database150 Million +

Email Database470 Million +

Wireless Database180 Million + 

Landline Database 75 Million + 

IP Targeting Database215 Million +

B2B Database25 Million +

Mobile Deactivation File~1.5 Billion

Consulting Services Examples Include:

Fractional Compliance Officer/GDPR Consulting – Consulting and fractional time-based consultants to help development compliance programs related to data governance, privacy, GDPR, PCI, and/or HIPAA.

GDPR Phone Validation – Confirms if a European phone number is still associated with a specific name for GDPR compliance.

Do Not Call/Compliance Services– “Do-Not” services for scrubbing of data for compliance purposes.

Email Validation – Determines if an email is deliverable and valid.

Mobile Scoring – Ability to identify right party contact information of any cell phone by making inquiries directly into the mobile carrier databases. We have 95% coverage of all US cell phone numbers.

Social Data – Ability to append social profiles to over 20+ social media sites (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) to email addresses or reverse search.

Digital Onboarding – Creation of digital audiences based on IP address and 200+ demographic fields.

Fulfillment Services – Integration with fulfillment channels to deliver messages via SMS, voice, IVR, mail, email, and print.

Geo-Targeted Display Services – integration with ad networks to geo-target display ads at specific households and/or businesses based on postal address

API Development- any business process or data process can be converted into a web API for immediate consumption

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