Lead Scoring: A Case Example for Predictive Modeling

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Introduction What if you could predict how your customers will respond to your product or service offering with a quantifiably greater level of confidence? Using 1st party data (buyer history, clickstream data, etc.) and 3rd party data (demographics, consumer segmentation attributes etc.) companies are now building powerful predictive modeling and persona segmentation capabilities to better reach their […]

Business and Consumer Data Enrichment – How to Use and Choose

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Across the globe businesses, regardless of their size and customer base, are faced with tightening competition, increasingly savvy customers, and—simultaneously—an explosion in the amount of data to manage. C-suite executives find that time is not on their side when it comes to developing strategic solutions to these threats. They also find that overcoming these threats […]

Data is in the Driver’s Seat: Data-Driven Strategy is Now the Future

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Is it true that big data is the new agenda for corporations around the world?  Yes, businesses around the world are scrambling to figure out what the starting point for their data-driven framework should be. An estimate for the coming two years is that more than 70% of organizations all around the world will be spending a […]

A Guide to Integration Platform as a Service: Top 5 Solutions & Key Differences

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If your enterprise’s marketing technology has spiraled into a multi-layered array of unique customer data storage systems—some in house and some in the cloud—in an attempt to keep up with your competition, you may have reached the point of diminishing returns when it comes to data accessibility, functionality, and security. It may be that the […]