Enterprise Data Management And Its Crucial Components

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Data is crucial for the growth of businesses irrespective of the industries they belong to. A study by the University of Texas revealed that companies couldgain 14.4% in productivity from every employee if they boosted their data usability by just 10%. Large enterprises are only now realizing that they have been sitting on a mountain of […]

The Top Four Big Data Jobs That are Highly in Demand Today

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Companies are fast adopting the data-driven strategies to beat the competition and have the upper hand over their competitors. How well a business handles big data is now the main contributing factor to its success. The CTO of CYBRIC, Mike Kail, says that big data will soon turn into overweight data because of the anticipated boom […]

Cruz Street Digital: Refocus and Rebrand

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“Digital Transformation is application of digital capabilities to processes, products, and assets to improve efficiency, enhance customer value, manage risk, and uncover new monetization opportunities.” The Cruz Street team is excited to announce a rebranding change. Cruz Street Media was originally conceived as a company focused on delivering a broad range of solutions in people based […]

Data Warehousing Primer for Marketers

UNDERSTANDING DATA WAREHOUSING AND ITS IMPORTANCE FOR A BUSINESS Modern businesses rely on data and data strategies for marketing, establishing brand identities, and gaining/maintaining a competitive edge. A crucial concept in data management is data warehousing. Let’s take a look at what this means and what role it can play for a business. Data Warehousing […]

Lead Scoring: A Case Example for Predictive Modeling

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Introduction What if you could predict how your customers will respond to your product or service offering with a quantifiably greater level of confidence? Using 1st party data (buyer history, clickstream data, etc.) and 3rd party data (demographics, consumer segmentation attributes etc.) companies are now building powerful predictive modeling and persona segmentation capabilities to better reach their […]

Business and Consumer Data Enrichment – How to Use and Choose

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Across the globe businesses, regardless of their size and customer base, are faced with tightening competition, increasingly savvy customers, and—simultaneously—an explosion in the amount of data to manage. C-suite executives find that time is not on their side when it comes to developing strategic solutions to these threats. They also find that overcoming these threats […]

People Based Marketing

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AN ORDERLY WAREHOUSE CREATES VALUABLE DATA ASSETS THE CHALLENGE One of the issues that has faced many SMEs (small & medium sized enterprises) is making sense of a fragmented data strategy where many operational data systems and integration layers exist. Often no fault of their own many organizations have built operational data systems that helped […]

The Big Move Of Data Strategy To IT Staffing Shortage

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IT is at the core of modern business operations. Companies that leverage and grow IT thoughtfully tend to be ahead of those companies that do not, and in large part because it helps them achieve their strategic goals rapidly and with more accuracy. However, the biggest challenge that IT has to overcome today is Big […]

Data Science: Cruz Street, Amazon QuickSight, & the MyCDO Platform

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Importance of cloud-based data science & business intelligence for companies looking to understand their customers and data. Cloud Hosted Data Science Will Transform Businesses More Quickly in 2019 One of the foremost benefits of adopting a cloud-based data science & BI solution is that it’s inherent ability to enable a self-service model, allowing the user […]

Data is in the Driver’s Seat: Data-Driven Strategy is Now the Future

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Is it true that big data is the new agenda for corporations around the world?  Yes, businesses around the world are scrambling to figure out what the starting point for their data-driven framework should be. An estimate for the coming two years is that more than 70% of organizations all around the world will be spending a […]