What is GDPR and How do Businesses Have to Prepare to Face the New Challenge?

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Every word you say, every time you write your name on a bank form, and every time you connect to the internet and open a website, you are creating data. But how much is your data protected? While the practice of storing data has empowered businesses today like never before, it puts a heavy responsibility […]

A Guide to Integration Platform as a Service: Top 5 Solutions & Key Differences

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If your enterprise’s marketing technology has spiraled into a multi-layered array of unique customer data storage systems—some in house and some in the cloud—in an attempt to keep up with your competition, you may have reached the point of diminishing returns when it comes to data accessibility, functionality, and security. It may be that the […]

Data Transformation: Major Challenges for Business

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The process of migration is closely tied with a set of specific adaptions to cope with the new ecosystem. Transformation is a part of any organic migration process and bears many challenges. Today’s data-driven business ecosystems are also not able to overlook the data migration challenges. Data In a Data Pipeline, data ETL (Extracting, Transforming […]

Understanding Data Enrichment and Managing it Effectively

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Data is growing increasingly important for the world, and today’s businesses rely on data to formulate marketing, sales and customer service strategies. Companies all around the world leverage new and advanced techniques to make use of data that is available to them. Why do they use data? Here’s a fact to prove the sudden trend […]

Data Lake Tech for Tomorrow’s Marketer

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Marketers in today’s ever data driven world are trying to find insights into the customers they serve. What channels are my most successful for conversion? What is my customer lifetime value? What unknown operational, behavioral, or social data are predictive of my buyer’s behavior? These are the questions a data lake strategy coupled with a […]

Why You Need a Chief Data Officer On-Demand – Right Now!

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Across the globe businesses, regardless of their size and customer base, are faced with tightening competition, increasingly savvy customers, and—simultaneously—an explosion in the amount of data to manage. C-suite executives find that time is not on their side when it comes to developing strategic solutions to these threats. They also find that overcoming these threats […]

Key Facts about Data Quality as a Managed Service

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More than ever before, customers are in the driver’s seat when it comes to products and services. Knowing exactly what your customers want means gathering and managing stacks of data in a way that will provide you with highly accurate predictive analytics. Consider, then, taking a moment to review key facts surrounding data quality as […]

Marketing Science: Predictive Modeling for Today’s Marketer

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INTRODUCTION Imagine if you had a crystal ball which could tell you the likelihood for your customers to buy your products before they ever see an offer? Perhaps it would tell you what message would resonate with a customer before they ever see it? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could predict your customer’s buying […]

How Can Data Warehousing Help your Company?

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In the era of big data, businesses are finding novel ways to gain insights from large bodies of data. Data warehousing, which involves the storage of large amounts of data for data science applications, has become an important source of business insights for companies in the 21st century. In 1965, Gordon Moore of computer chip […]

Press Release: CSD Provides On-Demand CDO For Big Data Value Creation

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New York, NY – April 3, 2018 (Newswire) – Cruz Street Digital has jumped in with the most unique and practical approach for businesses to handle and leverage their big data by offering on-demand CDOs (chief data officers). This is a pioneering service that’s going to benefit businesses of all sizes. Big data is […]